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    Looked good on Holiday Lettings
    But what you see is not what you get
    Here's a true review

Welcome to a true review of the Holiday Lettings Romantic Duplex penthouse+WIFI apartment in Valencia

In fact since I uploaded this website the owner has tried to change the name the on Holiday Lettings website to Atico Duplex romántico + WIFI apartment in Valencia. Why is this?

Here you can also view some proper images of the Valencia apartment taken when we booked our 10 day holiday in Valencia.

What happened to us

Please read the following review and look at the images we took before you book your stay at
Plaza de San Sebastián 8, 46008, Valencia.

About our experience

We booked this ‘so-called’ Romantic Duplex penthouse+WIFI apartment for 10 days between 23rd April and 3rd May 2016. Photos looked good and write ups were good too on the Holiday Lettings website (you can see the page here).
I should have seen it coming when I asked the owner, Victor, for directions from the airport. He just emailed me the address - which I already had, so wasn't much help. It went downhill from there.

To cut a very long story, and journey short, we eventually found the apartment four hours after landing. I spoke to Victor on numerous occasions to get an idea of where the apartment was but he didn’t have a clue and was very unhelpful. At one point we were just round the corner opposite a very large museum but he still didn’t have a clue where we were. Anyway, thanks to the very helpful Spanish we eventually found it.

Because we had taken so long to find it, and Victor’s father had been waiting to meet us, but had now left, we all agreed we would go and get something to eat and his father would meet us back there later to let us in. We had something to eat and also found a small supermarket to buy supplies. We bought bread, butter, eggs, milk, tea, coffee, wine, beers, etc - all the usual bits you’d need as it was self-catering.

We finally met Victor’s father who let us in the apartment and we have to say we were a little disappointed, it was very tired and shabby and had a very oppressive feeling, particularly upstairs.

Victor’s father showed us around and then left and it was only then that we truly discovered how dirty the place was.

Old tired towels were just chucked in the top of one wardrobe and bedding in the top of another. The sheets on the bed were un-ironed. The whole place had a feeling of dirtiness. There was an old washing machine on the terrace outside, I pressume they used for washing the bedding, towels, etc but you wouldn't want to put your clothes in it. My wife is allergic to dust and feathers and we discovered the duvet was feather. There was, however, a non-feather one in the wardrobe that we swapped over before we realised we just couldn't stay.

Cracks along the walls, no finish on the stairs, wires hanging out the ceiling and the soft furnishings, although looked clean, if you banged them they were incredibly dusty and smelly. The glass in the oven door also fell out when you opened it and the toilet seat came off in the downstairs bathroom when you sat on it.

Within 10 minutes of us being in the place was wife started scratching. It got worse and eventually my wife’s arms started bleeding through scratching so much. We are convinced that Victor had let people stay with pets and that fleas or mites have got into the soft furnishings. I too were bitten numerous times and yet we only stayed in the apartment for less than an hour.

We didn’t even bother to bring our cases into the apartment - we knew we could not stay there.

We had to book into a hotel that night, and although basic, the hotel was at least clean. If a basic hotel can at least be clean, why couldn’t the apartment?

We called Victor the following day and told him we couldn’t stay as it was too dirty and he didn’t seem bothered. He just told us to leave the keys in the apartment on our way out. He never bothered to meet us.

We left Valencia 2 days later, 8 days short of our 10 day holiday as we couldn’t afford to pay for hotels on top of what we had already paid out. We decided to cut our losses and return home.

The food we purchased we gave to the car hire company, as the car too, was returned early.

The whole Valencia trip cost us hundreds of pounds and a whole lot of stress for 2 days of crap.

We live in Cyprus and so it is 2 flights for us to get to Valencia - we have to go via the UK. So to say we were slightly miffed at our whole holiday being screwed up by this, is an understatement.

We never met Victor throughout the whole fiasco. He obviously wasn’t that concerned.

After numerous emails to Victor, we eventually got a paltry amount of our payment refunded.

We got a miserly €300 refund from Victor, which frankly is an insult when it cost us €817.20 and we DIDN'T EVEN STAY ONE NIGHT through no fault of our own. Let alone all the other costs we incurred during this period.

Hence the reason for this website - to warn others so they don’t make the same mistake we made.

True image gallery

Here are some pictures we took on the day we were supposed to stay at this 'penthouse' apartment.

Is this the kind of quality you would expect for €80 a night, non-peak season? Thought not.

  • Stairs to the bedroom

  • Top of the stairs

  • Cracks accross the walls

  • Unfinished stairs

  • Bare wires

  • Tired towels

  • Un-ironed sheets

  • Damp and mould in corners

  • Spare bedding

  • Scratched till I bled

  • Bites

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